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Stay tuned into our blog for new content. Weekly blogs will go live every Wednesday and cover topics including, but not limited to: podcasting, the audio experience, marketing, and tips and tricks for personal and business growth. If you’d like to receive specific content or have topics in mind, feel free to contact us. Let us know what would benefit you and we’ll research and write that blog!

Happy Holidays from the Helium Radio Network! We’re enjoying the Holiday season with our friends, family, eggnog, candies and plenty of food. We hope you all are enjoying the same no matter what part of the country you’re listening from! We’ll see you all after the New Year!

Our blog series on our radio show hosts has returned. This time, we’re bringing the story to you from the football field—broadcasting from the box at the Raymond James Stadium. Not really, but sports are on the agenda this week. We got on the phone with Bert Mort, host of Sports Matters, to hear his […]

Today on the Helium Radio Network, we’re going to bring our local community to light. So much of who we market to, network with and promote on the airwaves are local businesses, artists, actors, the arts and more. Our worldwide audience even loves local content local to us because it drives the passion for the […]

We are continuing on with our author biographies from the 2017 Miami Book Fair. Enjoy!   Nicholas Reynolds has worked in the fields of modern military history and intelligence off and on for forty years, with some unusual detours. Freshly minted Ph.D. from Oxford University in hand, he joined the United States Marine Corps in the […]

This past week, hundreds of authors and tens of thousands of visitors descended upon the Miami Dade College streets for the 2017 Miami Book Fair. Neil Haley of the Total Tutor Network, Neil’s assistant Peter Elvidge and Erik Remmel of the Helium Radio Network interviewed a slew of authors. Stay tuned as the audio will […]

Every year, thousands upon thousands of people and vendors from across the country journey to Miami for the annual Miami Book Fair. It is, in fact, one of the largest book fairs in the entire country. 1984 marked the fair’s first official year and it has been growing ever since. The fair sets up shop […]

Think about the radio and the podcasts you listen to and when. Do you have the radio on at home? Do you listen to podcasts during your commute to and from work? Or is it the opposite with those two? Where do you hear the commercials? We ask that to mean where do the commercials that […]

Many podcasters in the world enjoy podcasting because it’s an outlet for them to speak their mind. Other podcasters like sharing their knowledge, their beliefs and their two cents. Whether or not, you want to make income as a result of speaking, read this week’s blog. We’re in the big Leagues discussing how you can […]

Whether it’s the medium of television or radio, when people hear “ratings,” usually their next thought is “Neilsen.” Not everyone knows who Neilsen is, so allow us to elaborate. Neilsen Holdings PLC, better known as simply “Neilsen,” is a publicly-traded trend-tracking company. Their primary purpose is to collect, organize and analyze consumer goods and behavior […]

Our last show host blog was well received. Therefore we’re continuing the show host series with some arts and culture. We interviewed Cindy Stovall, the show host behind Beauty & The ‘Burg (“BATB”) to learn about her personal back story, her history with podcasting and how the show came to be. From the New York […]

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