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Thank you for visiting Life Improvement Radio. You may be wondering what’s with the new site and name. First, we would like to thank you for your continued years of supporting Life Improvement Radio (LIR). We are pleased to announce that the station featuring content focused on Enhancing Lives Daily has been added to our new network: the Helium Radio Network.

What is Helium Radio? Helium Radio is the overarching network that balloons over two existing global radio stations. Life Improvement Radio and now Helium Radio After Dark were born from our sister company, Life Improvement Media Group, Inc. Helium Radio has been a long-term project in the works. Now, each radio show has its own channel on this one-of-a-kind network.

Yes, we did it…we are a marketing and branding agency, after all!

Life Improvement Radio will still entertain around the clock. For G-rated family-friendly content, look no further than Life Improvement Radio on the all-new Helium Radio Network. We are adding more shows regularly. Come join us on the airwaves!

Life Improvement Radio

"Enhancing Lives Daily"

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