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Heidi’s LemonAid Stand

  It all came about when Heidi was dealing with thoughts of suicide, inadequacy, and dealing with infertility. She realized as she reached out to others and heard their stories, she would be uplifted and inspired no matter what she was going through. So this new podcast has old "Original" shows from that time period. It also has "New" shows that are currently being recorded with new guests. And it […]

Heidi Alldredge: wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, friend, caregiver, realtor, motivational speaker, teacher, and podcaster! (Heidi is still deciding what she wants to be when she grows up!)

Heidi has been married since 1992 to Christopher, the love of her life. She has 3 children (age ranging from 20 to 28—two of her children are married now) And has hosted 5 foreign exchange students -whom she now claims as her own children.

She loves spending Friday nights (or any other time) with her grand-babies. Other hours of the day she is recording great inspiring interviews for her podcast, searching online for inspirational quotes, shopping for bargains, traveling with her family, lunch dates with friends, serving and helping others, going to concerts, and writing-either in her journal, notes to friends, or her own motivational speeches!

Heidi is a recovering “why-me-er” and is currently learning the art of positive thinking!

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