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Seth DePaquale, RPh


Seth DePaquale, PharmD, is co-founder of the “Pharmacy Inspection” Podcast. Seth DePasquale consults compounding pharmacies through He co-owns and operates BET Pharm, a compounding pharmacy specializing in long-acting injectable hormone formulations for equine reproduction. He is the pharmacist-in-charge and operator of BET’s sterile compounding facility located in Lexington, Kentucky.

Seth provides a remarkable perspective and grasp of the processes, procedures and operational aspects of the aseptic processing of high risk hazardous sterile injectable drugs. His experience in the build-out and daily operations of a multi-state licensed compounding facility have provided a depth of knowledge unlike many others in a similar position.

His extensive knowledge of USP Chapters 71, 795, 797, and 800 help him remain in compliance with all boards of pharmacy in which BET Pharmacy is licensed. BET Pharm has been inspected by the Kentucky and California boards of pharmacy and has participated in the National Associations of Boards of Pharmacy Verified Pharmacy Program through an inspection required by the Texas Board of Pharmacy. BET Pharmacy is 1 of 91 pharmacies in the United States holding a California sterile compounding permit enabling the shipment of compounded sterile pharmaceuticals into the state of California. BET is also 1 of 194 pharmacies that holds a non-resident sterile compounding permit from the state of Florida.

Seth’s true passion is compounding pharmacy and elevating the profession as a whole through his consulting work.

Seth is a Registered Pharmacist in New York, Kentucky, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Nebraska, Louisiana, and Oregon.


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