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WENDY LOVE EDGE is a disabled survivor of US Healthcare and an author, artist, talk show host and cannabis activist.  She is from Boston originally, and has now made Northwest Arkansas her home.
Ms. Love Edge is magna cum laude graduate of Boston University in 1987, with a BS in Occupational therapy.  She worked for 25 years as an occupational therapist Ian’s area director for a rehabilitation company before becoming ill with a life threatening illness in 2011.
Ms. Love Edge is known for being the founder of Bulldozer Health Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization and health care reform initiative.  This organization educated thousands of people about health, wellness and cannabis through many media platforms, events and public speaking. They also assisted many in 3 states to obtain physician cannabis recommendations when they couldn’t afford it. Bulldozer Health closed during the pandemic.
In 2017, Ms. Love Edge authored the book, “Sixteen:  My Journey into Wellness”. This book explores and explains her journey of becoming ill in 2011, and being told she would die from the illness or the mainstream treatment. It also delivers a recipe for success with creating and improving wellness and health.  She then authored and illustrated two more books for children.  The first is “Helpful Hannah Creates Her Own Health and Happiness” and the second is “Helpful Hannah Educates Herself About Cannabis”.  These books are meant to educate and inspire individuals to health empowerment and improved health and wellness. The cannabis education book was written to teach children the truth about the cannabis family of plants, and reduce the stigma attached to it.
As an artist, Ms. Love Edge spent her formative years immersed in art, music and dance.  She dabbled in acrylics, water colors, and pastels, coming from a family of creatives.  She was able to utilize her talents and knowledge when she worked for 25 years as an occupational therapist, utilizing the art and science of therapy to treat patients.  She then began to work with painting again in recent years, for not only it’s therapeutic value, but to send the messages of health, wellness, ending cannabis prohibition, promoting cannabis as medicine, and encouraging personal freedom and spirituality in her most recent works.
Ms. Love Edge was selected to be an artist member of The Cannabis Art Guild worldwide at cannabis events and exhibits starting in 2019. Please check out the guild at
TV/Radio and Podcasting
Ms. Love Edge quickly learned after creating Bulldozer Health that a multimedia approach was the way forward to reach a large audience with a message about health, wellness and health and women’s empowerment.  Along with her wife, she created, The Bulldozer Health Show which focused on education about health, wellness, alternative health and healing.  They launched the first show in 2015, and created 61 episodes.  The last season aired on the NBC affiliate, KNWA, in Fayetteville Arkansas. The last show was created in November of 2017.
In March of 2018, Love Edge met Topher Kogen at Fayetteville Public Television. The two had an instant chemistry, and decided that they would co-host a tv show together.  Love Edge was about to launch a new TV show all about cannabis medicine, called The Green Zone TV.  When the initial team didn’t work out, Love Edge enlisted Kogen to assist with writing, producing and cohosting the show.  After only 4 episodes, the show was scrapped for multiple reasons. The pair then decided to start a new show, The Wendy Love Edge Show with Topher Kogen, Live on the radio. They outgrew the radio station, which was housed in Fayetteville’s Chancellor Hotel, after only one season. So, they moved back to Fayetteville Public Television. The show continued to be produced there, in the middle of season 3 with a full cast and crew, sponsors and a very engaging and interested audience the duo had to move to producing the show from home. Kogen left at the end of season 4, and the show is now simply, “The Wendy Love Edge Show” The theme of the show, continued to be  where music, art, plant medicine, health and wellness meet. In season 5, Ms Love Edge added women’s empowerment officially to the platform. The show naturally creates community by showing the connection between these things. It is created and written by Wendy Love Edge and produced by her wife’s company, A. Edge Productions. It airs in 3 states on several radio stations, on TV, on video formats like cannatube24 and YouTube, and on all major podcasting formats.
Ms. Love Edge continues to grow into her place as a cannabis activist, talk show host, visionary and creator.
Nominations and Awards:
The Black Apple Awards 2018 Nomination Best TV Show: The Green Zone TV
The Black Apple Awards 2019 Nomination Best Radio And TV Show: The Wendy Love Edge Show with Topher Kogen
The Cannabis Awards 2021 Nomination Best Radio Show and Podcast
The Cannabis Awards 2021 Patient Choice Award Recipient, Wendy Love Edge
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