041: God's Faithfulness and Purpose For Our Lives

October 25, 2021

Real. Raw. Truth.
Real. Raw. Truth.
041: God's Faithfulness and Purpose For Our Lives

Listen today as we discuss God's faithfulness and purpose for our lives with Mercedes Wilson. 

Mercedes E. Wilson is a passionate servant leader tasked with delivering a message of hope to everyone needing encouragement through their circumstances; big or small. As an author, speaker, television personality, and founder of a non-profit, “For Our Daughters”, she takes her supporters through paradigm shifts from where they are to a deeper understanding of themselves. Through her non-profit, For Our Daughters Inc, Mercedes has nurtured and equipped over 10,000 young women with the tools necessary to have serious conversations about their health.   God has given Mercedes many gifts, and she intends to use every one of them to empower others through their darkest hour and to glorify Him. 

Her first book titled: “Hope: How Faith Carried Me Through My Darkest Hours”, has already touched many people across the country. However, “Hope” is more than a book; it is an unfiltered raw love letter to God that not only reveals the inner workings of Mercedes’ heart, but it lends space and instruction for readers to also overcome obstacles in their own lives.  Her second book that came out in 2020 “Abnormal” speaks to women everywhere about the things in life that we have settled on.  God desires us to have the best as his daughters, from relationships to marriage and she talks about it all.

Mercedes is the host of her international show “The Mercedes Wilson Show” that airs in over 1 million homes per week on LCTV(Lockport NY), Kingdom Insight Television and several other media outlets.



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