#11: April NBA recap: Trades, Standings, MVP, and more!

In N Out Sports Podcast
In N Out Sports Podcast
#11: April NBA recap: Trades, Standings, MVP, and more!

In this episode we'll take a pulse of the NBA today. We'll recap the injuries and how the standings have shifted in a crazy April that saw Lebron and AD return, Steph and Russell Westbrook go off, Suns continue to win games, and the NY KNICKS clinch a playoff spot!

With the regular season finishing in 10 days and the play in games starting 5/18, we had to do a final regular season update and see where things fall with under 8 games to go!

We're in the midst of one of the tightest jam packed seedings in recent memory in both conferences, where there are about 6 teams in the West vying for the last 2 spots and seemingly 9 teams chasing seeds 4-8 in the East. Luckily, the addition of the play-in game (which we'll explain) will help clean this up and add some extra drama.

We'll also revisit the NBA finals matchup. In last month's recap episode, Dub City had Lakers beating the Nets, and Simsinator had Clippers taking the chip over the Nets. How has the last month affected their picks?

Lastly, who is the MVP? Embiid? Lebron? AD? Harden? Jokic? Chris Paul? A lot of big names and injuries have made this year's race for the best player in the world title very murky, so join Dub and Sims as they try to make their picks.

Let us know your thoughts at innoutpodcast1@gmail.com and catch y'all next week!

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