#13: 2010 PGs: Rondo vs. Westbrook vs. Rose – Which Polarizing Point Guard was more fun?

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In N Out Sports Podcast
#13: 2010 PGs: Rondo vs. Westbrook vs. Rose - Which Polarizing Point Guard was more fun?

In this episode we'll do another variant of player comparisons, this one not necessarily judging who is better, but our opinions on a few of the most controversial and dominant point guards of the 2010 Era: Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose, and Russell Westbrook.

These 3 PGs were perhaps not the mainstays of this entire decade (Chris Paul probably has that title), nor where they most dominant and well known (that one goes to Curry), but each had a stretch where they were considered the best for a short window. 

Rondo has the claim from 2009-2013, battling out with Derrick Rose in 2010-2012 where he won his MVP, and Westbrook had flashes of dominance early in 2012-2014, but then also his MVP tear after KD left in 2017-2019.

Each has their controversy though: discouraged Rondo in latter Boston years, Mavs, and journeymen years, Rose's injuries robbing the world of what could have been and having his prime removed after just 2 years, and Westbrook with the "empty stat padder" and "cancer" reputations that have plagued him for years.

Follow along as we take a look at the stats, the reasoning and other advanced metrics that no one seems to talk about (like the "eye test" and who changed the game the most), to see who we come up with as well as our subjective opinion on these 3 influential guys who crossed over the same era.

So who are you in on? Relive some of the best games/highlights for each of them:

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