146. Jonesy LA Comic | Weird AF News | Drunk History | Gotham

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146. Jonesy LA Comic | Weird AF News | Drunk History | Gotham

Join Scott and Mark with their guest Jonesy, Jonesy delivers a daily dose of weird, strange, funny news from around the world with his own comedic twist and personal philosophies.

Weird AF News:”Weird AF News is a podcast hosted by comedian Jonesy. The usual format includes three weird or strange stories from around the world which he gives his take on. It’s a humorous change of pace from your typical methodical and starched news podcasts/broadcasts. Other features you can look forward to be his Florida Friday’s series, his regular shout-outs to his fans, and he will occasionally play some of the voicemails he receives from his listeners. I encourage you to give it a try!”

About Jonesy Comedian:

Jonesy is the host of the podcast weird as fuck news or weird, AF news. He started out as a musician. Then he was a comedian in Boston, then he move to New York and did comedy and acting on some TV shows.

Outline of the Episode:● [02:20] The Brief Introduction about Jonesy.● [04:26] His experience with zoom comedy and how it was different from the Live show comedy.● [05:36] When and from where he does weird AS fuck news.● [06:40] Korea is now allowing different colors of the underwear for school.● [08:20] How Normal People See Jonesy Comedian and the one who already knows Jonesy.● [10:30] Does he feel like with the whole Covid fun of the past year and a half or so, does he feel that open his mind even more with things● [12:01] People have been shooting each other for brand new Air Jordans for decades. ● [13:59] Jonesy viewpoint about “BS information” episode that just recently came out on the 9th of April.● [16:51] How the article creates an Echo Chamber?● [23:36] Showman was the guy that was on the TV network all the time.● [28:03] We don’t have anything that filters information for us. So people are lazy and they’re just going to accept whatever they see on social media team.● [35:40] The next step for the information age to be successful. You have to have a filter, the information stage● [36:15] The only problem with the freedom of speech● [37:08] Are we getting closer and closer to idiocracy being like real life?● [42:06] What if the messenger has one thing that you think he’s saying is right?● [49:41] Why we should not go to the Mars● [54:56] What kind of job Jonesy willing to do if he is not doing the comedy?● [58:53] What is Jonesy’s favorite or what conspiracy theory that Jonesy’s believe?

Catch Jonesy!

Website: https://www.weirdafnews.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funnyjones/ Podcast: https://www.audible.com/pd/Weird-AF-News-Podcast/B08K573LZ2 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/weirdafnews

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