157. What Is Onion Water Good For

The Don't Judge Me Podcast
The Don't Judge Me Podcast
157. What Is Onion Water Good For

Your hosts @curlemd(Nygel) and @jaydelnegro(Jay) are back for episode 157. What is Onion Water Good For and in this episode we get into:
– [ ] Thank Alexa, tip your delivery driver
– [ ] A Buttplug and the TSA
– [ ] Woman sues Kraft foods
– [ ] AI and Roy Jones greatest hits
– [ ] Indiana Jones 5
All of that and a bunch of other filth flarn filth with a dash of concern including “YAS” “For Why” “Shooting Ppl Bail” & “Gentle Judgement” So join us in judgement and listen out for another fantastic episode of the Don’t Jude Me Podcast, just as long as you Don’t Judge Me for judging you.
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