172. One Step at a Time

April 13, 2023

172. One Step at a Time

Today, we are talking about patience. But do not twiddle your fingers and hope everything turns out alright in the end. Consistently doing the work required for you to reach your dreams, goals, and aspirations, yet knowing that what you’re chasing may take some time to reach. If we can learn that it’s all a marathon, can we learn how to take things a step at a time? When we try to jump steps, we may end up hurting ourselves in the process.

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Art Scholarship announcement

This scholarship is in memory of my mother, Shellry Langford, who passed away suddenly in 2023. She was a very creative individual in her own right and one of his first art teachers, and in doing so, she allowed Quantal to help and inspire aspiring creators.

This scholarship was set up and is funded by her sons, Quantal Langford and Dominique Craigmiles. We honor her legacy by bestowing a $250 annual arts scholarship on four students who have the passion, energy, and creativity to pursue the arts in higher education.

Must be a senior in high school with plans to pursue the creative arts in college.
Submit 2-3 pieces of your personal work (must be jpgs)
Type a one-page document or a 3-minute video on how the arts have impacted your life.

Email qlangford@yahoo.com or DM @thecreativebrew.tv to be considered for this scholarship.
The deadline to submit your information is April 30th.
Winners will be selected on May 15th.


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