#23: NFL Draft Gems and Busts

In N Out Sports Podcast
In N Out Sports Podcast
#23: NFL Draft Gems and Busts

 We're back with another GM strategy episode! Last one (Episode #7 give it a listen) was greatly received and was requested to do a further deep dive, so this episode we talk about NFL draft busts and hidden gems.
You'll be surprised how many teams passed on superstars that were just one pick away, and how franchise altering that could be!

We also get into the what if scenarios, like what if a certain team won the last regular season game instead of lost and missed out on the #1 pick, how different would the league look?

Finally, we go into some comparisons about if YOU were a GM to build a championship contending team, is it better to hit on your high picks (top 10), or secure some gems in the later rounds (5-7 and UFA).

Let us know your thoughts at innoutpodcast1@gmail.com or on Instagram @in_n_outpodcast and catch y'all next week!

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