#57: Fixing the Recruiting and Interview Process with Mike Thompson

Successful Millennials Podcast
Successful Millennials Podcast
#57: Fixing the Recruiting and Interview Process with Mike Thompson

Join Sammy Warrayat and Mike Thomson in today’s episode covering recruiting and the interview process.

Mike has been working in the recruitment agency space for 15 years, and now has his own recruiting company called Spark that helps revolutionize the broken hiring process. We’ll talk all about major pain points in the interview process, and how to improve it, such as:

  • What is the top issue during the recruitment process and why is the hiring process broken?
  • Generic Job Postings
  • Authenticity from both the interviewee and interviewer
  • How to be genuine and yourself in the interview
  • Who’s “side” is the recruiter on and why withholding info from them isn’t a smart play
  • Negotiating the chess match of salary talks

Learn more about Mike and Spark through his LinkedIn and Youtube!

I’m curious to hear your thoughts and how you will implement the tips provided in the episode! Please leave a review, subscribe, and/or comment your thoughts by reaching out via email at financezilla@gmail.com or Instagram @disciplineismyfreedom! If you’re interested in financial coaching or corporate success coaching, feel free to reach out via the above platforms to apply or click this link for a FREE 30 min strategy call so we can work together with you to achieve your goals! Check out the YouTube version for the video here!

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