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Al Chats with the Queen of Outlaw Pop, DEVORA! – COMIC CRUSADERS PODCAST #64

todaySeptember 21, 2021

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    Al Chats with the Queen of Outlaw Pop, DEVORA! - COMIC CRUSADERS PODCAST #64 #HeliumRadio

Gritty, inspired, and oh so authentic, Devora is the master of what she has coined “Outlaw Pop”. She has graced the musical space with a taste of her work on her debut EP, Outlaw: five tracks of Devora’s dream-like western world, inspired by her upbringing in the scorching hot sun of the Arizona desert. The songs meld together raucous and classic American melodies, with more of a modern, dark pop sensibility.

Jump right into the episode and let’s watch and learn more from the Queen of Outlaw pop herself!

In this episode:

[00:01 – 05:58] The Making of the Wild-West Dream World

  • I welcome Devora to the show
  • A bit about Devora
    • Raised in Phoenix, AZ
    • Musician from childhood
    • First song recorded

[05:59 – 16:49] The Queen of Outlaw Pop

  • Following passion while growing up
  • From a hobby to a career
    • The transition from home to LA
    • Networking to open up opportunities
  • Devora’s creative process
    • Writing stories and lyrics on her own
    • Collaborating with two other artists
  • Into the music itself
    • An anthem of celebration
    • Writing through frustrations
  • Navigating the industry
    • The need for street smarts
    • Mix of education and experience
  • The story behind ‘Elvis’
  • Why ‘Outlaw’?
    • Modern day wild west

[16:50 – 30:05] Outlaw Music Meets the Comic Book World

  • Devora gives the background on the Outlaw comic
    • Experience and influence
    • Inspired by Winona
    • Based on ‘Body Bag’ from the EP
    • #outlawnation
  • A look at the art
    • The influence
    • How it was made
    • The time it took to make it
  • Navigating the Pandemic while releasing music
    • Forced to shut in and work on new material
  • What the future looks like for Devora’s work
    • New songs in the pipeline
    • Second EP early 2022

[30:06 – 38:41] Closing Segment

  • Random question for Devora
    • If you could be invisible for a day and time travel?
    • Where did the ‘Body Bag’ Remix come from?
  • Stay tuned for more from Devora
  • How to connect with the Devora
    • Links below
  • Final words

Check out the video version of this episode.

Resources Mentioned:

Follow DEVORA on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Go visit and listen to her latest music now.

Check out the video version of this episode.

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