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All *Spy* Cops Are Bastards w/ Tom Fowler (Part 1 of 2)

todayJune 20, 2021 4

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    All *Spy* Cops Are Bastards w/ Tom Fowler (Part 1 of 2) #HeliumRadio

What’s up to my rapturous red kites and perspicacious puffins

Welcome back to the BNP, thank you for tuning in, and dang, do I have a gladsome cock-a-hoop of an episode for all y’all today, my dearest lovies and lily-footed listeners. 

This week’s guest is Tom Fowler, who calls in all the way from Wales to break down an ongoing public inquiry into abusive and morally abhorrent undercover policing practices in the UK. Tom is a member of an anarchist collective that was infiltrated, and he became close friends with a man who was later outed as an undercover pig.

Tom and other like-minded comrades are a critical part of a growing movement to shed light on and hold to legal account undercover donut munchers who have been manipulating and abusing law abiding citizens in the UK for decades.

These fuck-head cops infiltrate perfectly legal and constitutionally protected political activism groups, such as the anarchist collective Tom was a part of, then proceed to keep gratuitous and explicit notes about all the members, particularly the young women, and finally they attempt to ingratiate themselves within the group’s core leadership.

Spy pigs have cultivated intimate relationships with women in groups they’ve infiltrated, and some have even fathered children with these women, before disappearing when their “deployment” ends. And to think: the state pays them to do this. If that doesn’t get you heated, I don’t know what to tell ya.

Big shout out to Tom for being so generous with his time and for sharing his experiences and insights. Something Tom says that I really dig is that he is strives to always be a “combatant not a victim.” I resonate with that vibe and it’s a sentiment I do my best to convey thru Barbarian Noetics.  Be a barbarian, not a victim.

Check out Tom’s fantastic podcast all about the police inquiry:

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