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Beyond the Gates: A Journey of Self-Discovery with Karen Kartika

todayMay 14, 2024 2

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    Beyond the Gates: A Journey of Self-Discovery with Karen Kartika #HeliumRadio

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery often means confronting the gates that guard our true selves. Our guest, Karen Kartika, shares that the key to these gates is within each of us.  
In today’s episode, we meet Karen Kartika, Hypnotherapist, Transformational Coach, Human Design Expert, Energy Healer, and Breathwork Facilitator. After decades of ticking boxes in her personal and professional life, Karen felt there was more to life than achieving what she was told she was supposed to; that’s when her transformational journey began. 
Karen’s personal journey spans cultural mandates and familial expectations, ultimately leading her to the realization that the keys to our authentic selves are within our grasp.
Throughout this episode, you’ll hear about Karen’s transformational journey from the inside out, the path that led her to connect with her purpose, and why Astrology and Human Design resonated so much with her. Karen also shares fascinating insights on Human Design, the Law of Attraction, self-discovery journeys, solar eclipses and their meanings, and so much more.
Tune in to episode 213 of Uncover Your Magic to start unlocking your gate to self-discovery.
In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Karen’s journey of self-discovery (10:20)
  • Karen’s knack for empowering people to use their strengths (18:30)
  • Karen shares insights on Human Design (26:50)
  • The Gates. What are they? How do they influence our lives? (33:20)
  • Why Karen believes there is going to be a massive transformation in 2027 (40:40)
  • What do eclipses represent in our lives? (46:40)

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Keywords: Human Design – Astrology – Self-Discovery
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