C18-32 “Living Your Life Like It’s Golden” Series with Lynnis

Self Discovery Media Community
Self Discovery Media Community
C18-32 “Living Your Life Like It’s Golden” Series with Lynnis

The Wellness Journey Podcast/Video Series this season is all about Living Your Life Like It’s Golden.   As Grammy award winning Jill Scott said in her very popular song, Golden, “Wherever I choose to go, it will take me far.”

The Wellness Journey will take you anywhere you want to go. From a healthier mind to a stronger body, or a powerful spirit, to the more beneficial path in life.  There are so many options and opportunities to take advantage of when joining Lynnis Woods-Mullins on The Wellness Journey.  There is a variation of guests in different areas of expertise that will talk about topics such as soul healing, colour therapy, gratitude and many more positive life-changing tools, tips and techniques on how to live a life that is golden.


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