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DIY Electromagnetic Pulse Strap w/ Oceanographic Engineer Sean Lastuka

todayJuly 26, 2022

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    DIY Electromagnetic Pulse Strap w/ Oceanographic Engineer Sean Lastuka #HeliumRadio

What’s up to my nettlesome neddickies and vigorous viscachas!

Welcome back to the BNP everyone and thank you for joining! To my patrons, y’all are the coconut water in my fancy mango beverage and the air plant perched on my selenite! You make my world more hydrated and oxygenated. You are appreciated. 

Folks! We’ve all seen the robot dog armies. We’ve all seen the creepy uncanny valley Boston Dynamics parkour androids doing (lame) tricks on their little wheel legs, and we’ve (or many of us) have seen Return to Oz with those ghoulish “wheelers.” (As an aside, how was that film allowed to be on network TV? Shit definitely fucked up my subconscious as a tyke. Anyhoo.)

So, as I said we’ve seen the faceless unfeeling robot dogs, and society seems hellbent on blitzing forward full steam ahead with metaverses, A.I. and the silicone singularity. So my thinking is, why not be pro-active? As part of our philosopher-barbarian preparations for what WEF fiend Klaus Schwab calls “an angrier world” (*insert demonic German accent*), why not include some sort of gadget capable of short-circuiting any robot dog, robot donkey, robot ferret or robot rhino that comes our way will ill intent?

That’s where this week’s guest, returning champ Sean Lastuka comes in. As the BNP’s resident genius engineer, Sean generously agreed to hop on the pod and discuss the the physics behind EMP devices, whether The Matrix was exaggerating their efficacy or not, and the feasibility of crafting one’s own EMP gadget with relatively accessible and available materials. It’s the People’s EMP widget hour this week on the BNP!

We also, as always, have those zany audio tidbits you expect, nee, demand, as well as a couple short soliloquies regarding a recent illuminating meditation. Enjoy and thank you for supporting the pod.

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Until next week everyone,

Stay EMP strapped and love up on one another!

One Love,
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