Embiid’s Last Ride, Master P & The Art of Stat-Padding

Q&E Podcast
Q&E Podcast
Embiid's Last Ride, Master P & The Art of Stat-Padding

In this episode of the Q&E Podcast, we debate the contenders and pretenders of the NBA Playoffs and dive into some interesting storylines including: Joel Embiid’s Last Ride? Is there Hope for the Nuggets? Can anybody compete with the Bucks or Celtics in the East? We explain the Art of Stat-Padding with Nikola Jokic and discuss if he should receive the same criticism that Russell Westbrook got during his MVP years. We also get into Master P’s Legacy, White Kids at HBCUs, the Clippers Downfall and so much more!

Segments: Sports News/Topics, Too Wild Wednesday, Social Media Wants to Know, Entertainment/Current Events, Pass the Aux

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