Ep. 1: A Sonnet with Sonam on the Weekend Playlist with Shivraj Parshad

Live and Learn with Shivraj Parshad
Live and Learn with Shivraj Parshad
Ep. 1: A Sonnet with Sonam on the Weekend Playlist with Shivraj Parshad

Our first guest on the Weekend Playlist; Sonam Kalra is a multiple award winning singer-songwriter and composer trained in both Indian and Western traditions.  She leads the multi-genre Sufi Gospel project and made it her mission to use her music to spread important messages, both social and political.

Her latest project – which you can tell from the Log Down Song lyrics – is to highlight the plight of struggling artists and performers and demand, people pay them.

In this heart-to-heart conversation, Sonam tells us her story, gives us a taste of her wicked sense of humour, talks about her mission & ideas and her striving for that holistic experience.

The one message she has for us is essentially, to just be kind.

Listen to the Weekend Playlist in your time and at your pace and do let us know what you think of the conversation.  You can also let us know if you would like to suggest other inspirational folks and their stories. You could do that by writing to Shivraj@brevis.in or  sending a message on +91 9625475442.

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