Ep 13. 1% Formula to your Financial Freedom with Deepak Mullick, Founder, SimplyMutual

Live and Learn with Shivraj Parshad
Live and Learn with Shivraj Parshad
Ep 13. 1% Formula to your Financial Freedom with Deepak Mullick, Founder, SimplyMutual

What do you know about the 1% formula that can give you the financial freedom to quit the rat race by 40. Sound too good to be true? Well, our next guest, Deepak Mullick, founder of SimplyMutual breaks it down for us.

As a former mutual fund adviser and investment professional Deepak lays great emphasis on investing in easy installments through equities.  To minimise our fear  of the volatility of the stock markets he advises us to stay invested and be patient if we want to sustain a healthy lifestyle. He tells us his very own story of how he built his own corpus of funds to be able to retire,, travel the world and send his kids abroad to study!

Deepak's philosophy  of the 1% Formula is now available in his – SimplyMutual: The 1% formula for financial freedom

To know more visit – https://simplymutual.com

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