Ep. 3: Vineet Hot Wheels on the Weekend Playlist with Shivraj Parshad

Live and Learn with Shivraj Parshad
Live and Learn with Shivraj Parshad
Ep. 3: Vineet Hot Wheels on the Weekend Playlist with Shivraj Parshad

Our next guest on the Weekend Playlist,  is Vineet Bakshi, a graphics designer, a media maven and presenter of car shows, but more importantly one of India’s largest die cast car collectors.

Vineet has been dubbed the ‘Godfather’ of India’s Hot Wheels collectors.

Vineet is a serious hobbyist, who has not only spearheaded the Hot Wheels community in India, but also believes in creating a real collectors corner.

The group, called, “MAD HCI” (Hot Wheels Collectors India) was started by Vineet Bakshi five years ago.  Where they gossip, share trade secrets and also help each other find good bargains. And it isn't a cheap hobby, Hot Wheels manufactured in the 1980s and 90s in India which went for Rs 60 can trade up to 600 USD!

Vineet admits he has lost count after 4,000 of the rarest of die cast model cars, but he still looks out for those bargains. He is now contemplating a HCL shop in partnership with Hot Wheels manufacturers Leo Mattel and distributors so that collectors get first dibs at the latest and newest models.

His message is very clear; 'Don't discount your child's love for these model cars as they can be career shaping,  Many of his peers have gone on to become automobile engineers, designers and even race track or EV experts.'

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