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Ep. 743 – “Sunflowers Bend But Rarely Break” with Oksana Kukurudza (@KukurudzaOksana)

todayOctober 26, 2023

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    Ep. 743 – “Sunflowers Bend But Rarely Break” with Oksana Kukurudza (@KukurudzaOksana) #HeliumRadio

“Human beings, as much as we say we evolve in many ways, we make the same mistakes over and over and over again with history repeating itself.” – Oksana KukurudzaToday’s featured author is a mom, world traveler, and management consultant, Oksana Kukurudza. Oksana and I had a chat about her upcoming book “Sunflowers Bend But Rarely Break”, the importance of our roots, and more!! Key Things You’ll Learn:What fuels her writingWhat it was like growing up with family on the other side of the Iron CurtainHer parents’ experiences during World War II & their resilience in the face of adversity Oksana’s Site: https://sunflowersrarelybreak.com/Oksana Books: https://a.co/d/4mWHHvr The opening track is titled “Money Trees” by the magnanimous chill-hop master, Marcus D (@marcusd). Be sure to visit his site and support his craft. https://marcusd.net/Please support today’s podcast to keep this content coming! CashApp: $DomBrightmonDonate on PayPal: @DBrightmonBuy Me a Coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/dombrightmonGet Going North T-Shirts, Stickers, and More: https://www.teepublic.com/stores/dom-brightmon You Might Also Like… Ep. 555 – “Sunflowers Beneath the Snow” with Teri Brown (@TeriMBrown1): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-555-sunflowers-beneath-the-snow-with-teri-brown-terimbrown1/ Ep. 714 – “Drink Wine and Be Beautiful” with Kimberly Noel Sullivan (@KimberlyinRome): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-714-drink-wine-and-be-beautiful-with-kimberly-noel-sullivan-kimberlyinrome/ #Holiday Bonus Ep. – “Bird of Paradise” with Emily Johnson (@elhughes01): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/holiday-bonus-ep-bird-of-paradise-with-emily-johnson-elhughes01/ 229 – “Unbroken” with Tajci Cameron (@TajciCameron): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/229-unbroken-with-tajci-cameron-tajcicameron/ #WintheWellnessWAR Ep. – “The Fruits of My Struggles” with JoAnna Baanana (@joannabaanana): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/winthewellnesswar-ep-the-fruits-of-my-struggles-with-joanna-baanana-joannabaanana/ Ep. 578 – “From Great Resignation to Life Transformation” with Heather Markel (@expatconnector): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-578-from-great-resignation-to-life-transformation-with-heather-markel-expatconnector/ Ep. 303 – “10,000 Miles with my Dead Father’s Ashes” with Devin Galaudet (@DevinGalaudet): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-303-10000-miles-with-my-dead-fathers-ashes-with-devin-galaudet-devingalaudet/ Ep. 401 – “Spellbound Under the Spanish Moss” with Connor Judson Garrett (@GarretJudson): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-401-spellbound-under-the-spanish/ Ep. 501 – “Everyone Is an Entrepreneur” with Gregory Diehl (@GregoryVDiehl): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-501-everyone-is-an-entrepreneur-with-gregory-diehl-gregoryvdiehl/ 240 – “Living An International Life” with E.J. Moran: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/240-living-an-international-life-with-ej-moran/ #Bonus Ep. – “Random Acts of Awesome Historical Fiction” with J. Lynn Else (@JLynnElseAuthor): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/bonus-ep-random-acts-of-awesome-historical-fiction-with-j-lynn-else-jlynnelseauthor/ Ep. 340 – “A Single Light” with Tosca Lee (@ToscaLee): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-340-a-single-light-with-tosca-lee-toscalee/ Ep. 334.5 (Holiday Bonus) – “The Business of Immortality” with Sahara Foley (@SaharaFoley): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-3345-holiday-bonus-the-business-of-immortality-with-sahara-foley-saharafoley/ Ep. 716 – “The Mind of an Academic Entrepreneur” with Nancy K. Napier, Ph.D.: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-716-the-mind-of-an-academic-entrepreneur-with-nancy-k-napier-phd/ Ep. 728 – “The Foreigner’s Confession” with Lya Badgley (@LyaBadgley): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-728-the-foreigners-confession-with-lya-badgley-lyabadgley/

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