Ep.9 The Coming Out Coaches Lucie and Vanessa

Live and Learn with Shivraj Parshad
Live and Learn with Shivraj Parshad
Ep.9 The Coming Out Coaches Lucie and Vanessa

Coming out can be a scary proposition for anyone on the spectrum of LGBTQ+. Yet, with a little guidance and support it can also be revealing and give you a sense of peace of mind. Which is why this episode is even more special. I’m joined from Switzerland by Lucie (Mind Coach) and Vanessa (Body Coach) who call themselves The Coming Out Coaches. In this 30 minute conversation they hold back nothing. As I question them, they reveal their own personal journeys, how they met, their passion project which makes their ‘coming out’ Coaching so wholistic.  

As these fabulous ladies explain, It is about first getting you to focus on yourself and your goals. On that journey of self discovery, it is about your body, mind and soul. Leaving behind your fear of judgement of yourself and by others and being one with your environment.
Getting you completely ready for your exciting journey of coming out and living your true selves, irrespective of your sexuality or gender.  

Don’t forget to listen till the end as they have a very special offer for listeners. To reach out to Lucie & Vanessa – email: info@thecomingoutcoaches.com

Visit their website – https://thecomingoutcoaches.com

Join them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thecomingoutcoaches

Follow them on Instagram@thecomingoutcoaches

 And, if you ever feel the need to just talk or discover how we can work together – Email me shivraj@brevis.in

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