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Episode 1 – What ingredients make for a great soccer coaching session?

todayJanuary 22, 2019 1

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    Episode 1 - What ingredients make for a great soccer coaching session? #HeliumRadio

In this episode we discuss the ingredients that help make for a fun and effective soccer coaching training session. We explore the ten things to consider for your sessions that may help maximise the learning and development potential of the session, and ensure your players are challenged, enjoy and get the most out of the training.


1) PLANNING – Session plans / Structure / Challenges / STEP / Progression / The Unexpected

2) A CLEAR THEME – Coaching points / Curriculum / The Why / LTDP

3) FREE-PLAY – SSG’s / Ownership / Warm-up / Coach Observation

4) TECHNICAL WORK – Having strong fundamental skills / Opposed v’s Unopposed

5) PHYSICAL LITERACY – ABC’s / Embed or Separate

6) GAME BASED PRACTICES – SSG’s / Whole-Part-Whole / Constraints / Challenges

7) BALL ROLLING TIME – Why / How much (80%?) / How 

8) DECISION MAKING – Problems (not solutions) / Guided Discovery / Trial & Error

9) THE ENVIRONMENT – Culture / Philosophy / Values / Communication / Habits

10) REFLECT & REVIEW – Feedback / WWW / EBI / Repeat?

Here we have just discussed the ingredients, but in future episodes we will look closely at each element and discuss in more detail its importance and how it can form part of a soccer coaching session. If you have any thoughts or feedback on this topic, or if you have any ideas for future topics that you would like us to cover we would love to hear from you, or @SoccerCoachCast.  

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