Episode #121 -Take the Pause button off with Nabila Bhimji

Ignited Entrepreneurs
Ignited Entrepreneurs
Episode #121 -Take the Pause button off with Nabila Bhimji

Episode #121 -Take the Pause button off with Nabila Bhimji

Are you waiting to enjoy your life “UNTIL” you lose weight or feel better in your body size? 

Nabila Bhimji is a Mnd Body coach, Holistic Nutritionist and Food Physchology Coach working to help people start enjoying thier life NOW!

On this episode we talk about what society has does to make us feel less than if we dont fit a certain mold. She thought she used to have to change the minds of men to see womens bodies differently but now realizes that we have to LOVE ourself first and then the world will change. 

Food is not the enemy, its how we label it! 

We talk about the mindset around eating issues and how some simple changes on how we feel about ourselves and food in the firs step. 

Nabila offers a FREE gift on her website – go to https://mindfulnourishment.ca/ toget your copy of her High energy recipe book!

Connect with Nabila: 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nabila-bhimji-a1463226/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindfulnourishmentbynabila/

Website: https://mindfulnourishment.ca/

Meet your Host:

Jessica Coulthard is ” The Bring the Joy GIRL”

As an NLP practition and RMT life coach I LOVE to support other entrepreneurs to take the LEAP in their business, using the LEAP system I have developed.

One of the ways we move forward in life and business is by creating and taking on new projects. I am also a creator, and LOVE putting pen to paper with my new ideas and plans.

So I have created the “Idea to Launch in 90 days planner” – join the wait list now to be one of the first to get their hand on this powerpacked planner that will Ignite your ideas and bring them to life!

email “Planner” to ignitedentrepreneurs@gmail.com to one of the first to get this amazing new tool that will bring your ideas to life!

Connect with Jess:  https://linktr.ee/Justagirllikeme

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8hLfsLcNZAGlhqUTz3xNWA

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