Episode # 32 – Enlighten Your Emotions with Oana Mindrut

Ignited Entrepreneurs
Ignited Entrepreneurs
Episode # 32 - Enlighten Your Emotions with Oana Mindrut

Episode # 32 – Enlighten Your Emotions with Oana Mindrut

Oana is a self-love coach, spiritual guide  and advocate for consciousness. She helps people  turn their life into magic through the power  love and awareness. Right after her personal awakening experience she understood right away how important it was to be able to master her own emotions. And it was then, that her magic life began to blossom.

Oana shares her personal story of a conscious transformation by turning her negative emotions into feelings of amazement as she began to question everything about herself. She realized that SELF LOVE IS THE FOUNDATION that sets you up for success in all areas of your life.

She believes that Real joy and freedom comes by living in the present moment.
he more we are connected with our heart and love life how it is right here and right now, the more effortless our existence becomes.

Lasting happiness is the opposite of surviving and fear. That can be achieved by fully activating our heart centers. Thing that not only makes us feel whole, peaceful and safe all the time but also awaken in us the divine faculties of manifesting with ease and grace.

Oana has a 5 week program called Enlighten your emotions  https://bit.ly/2A9Xinp

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