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Evolved to Adapt: Our Astonishing Immune System

todayDecember 13, 2021 1

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    Evolved to Adapt: Our Astonishing Immune System #HeliumRadio

What’s up to my tourmaline terrapins and obsidian owls!

Welcome back to the BNP and thank you for joining. For my patrons, y’all are the moo in my moo-cow and the shnuffle shnuff of my wild pig. Thank you!

This episode is a solo venture and I tackle a highly relevant, oft discussed and largely misunderstood topic: the spectacular human immune system.

Our body is a Universe. We carry with us roughly 37 trillion cells and 200 different cell types. Each of those individual cells has a will, a way of being, a purpose, and I would say, a kind of soul. Our blood is made up of 54% plasma, which is a soup of water, nutrients, proteins, ions and metabolic waste. 45% of our blood are red blood cells, which are little biconcave couriers that travel and maneuver thru all the bodies blood vessels, which if you were to lay them all out individually and place them end to end, they would stretch 100,000 miles, which to put in perspective, is long enough to wrap around the entire earth 4 times over.

Moving and working thru all this vast distance swim the body’s cells, only 1% of which are dedicated to the body’s defense. These make up our own personal blood delivered armies, the spectacular white blood cells. There are 6 types of white blood cells, and each has a unique and highly specialized role in keeping the human body healthy and free of pathogens. 

Working all together, our white blood cells can identify a brand new pathogen, like, say, some kind of brand new freshly mutated (or freshly made in a lab) bird virus, capture it, destroy it, take it apart, analyze its building blocks, then freshly create an equally novel, brand spanking new antibody that will hunt, find, and neutralize that exact pathogen. Our cellular defense forces then create shit tons of brand new factory cells and brand new memory cells to produce more and more of those specific antibodies until the enemy pathogen is eliminated.

Then, we have still more razzle dazzle cells which remember how to make the specific antibody for that specific pathogen, so the next time it’s detected in the body, the body knows exactly what to do. These memory cells live a long time and may even remain in the body for an entire lifetime.

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