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Eyewitness: Chaos Inside a Maricopa County Polling Station w/ Stephen the Infantryman (Bonus Interview)

todayNovember 12, 2022

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    Eyewitness: Chaos Inside a Maricopa County Polling Station w/ Stephen the Infantryman (Bonus Interview) #HeliumRadio

Beloved listeners and friends,

Little Raven here, presenting a special bonus interview with Stephen the Infantryman, who had the misfortune of helping out at one of the notorious Maricopa County Polling Stations. Stephen gives an eyewitness account of the chaos, irregularities, lack of oversight, voting machine fuckery and chain of custody issues that plagued this Arizona election.

Wanted to put this out asap so it can add some nuance and context to the unfolding story around contested ballots and a razor thin margin in the AZ Governor’s race between establishment Democrat and lock-down junkie Katie Hobbs and the TV star turned Trump surrogate Kari Lake.  

Big thanks to Stephen for hopping on and sharing his firsthand experience with us. Enjoy, and spread the word. The American people need to know this story. 

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Until next week everyone, 

Be excellent to one another,
and kind and compassionate towards yourself. 

One Love,
little raven KAW KAWWW


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