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Final Rock Bottom: Crafting Sobriety from the Chaos of Alcoholism, Part Five

todayOctober 24, 2020

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    Final Rock Bottom: Crafting Sobriety from the Chaos of Alcoholism, Part Five #HeliumRadio

What’s up to my Bolivarian Bearcats and Zesty Zooty* Zebras! 

This episode is the fifth installment of the Crafting Sobriety from the Chaos of Alcoholism series. If you’re still with me on this journey, thank you for persisting and sharing this endeavor of recollection and reflection with me. I appreciate every one of you.

This episode will wrap up my personal story of achieving freedom from the bottle through blood (quite a bit of blood really), sweat and tears. To be totally honest with you, this was not an easy series to create. It’s with a certain sense of calm relief that I conclude my story. 

I am still inviting at least one more person (friend of the show… special surprise) to come on the pod and share their story, and that should be next week. 

Also exciting: this episode I debut Dykotomi’s new custom track just for the BNP, Magpie Mambo. He did such a good job with this track. Think if Cuban Mambo had a tryst with Filthy Bass. It rips. Big thank you to Dykotomi for continuing to support the BNP with his talent and generosity of spirit (and wubs, and whomps…. and untz). Check out Dykotomi on Soundcloud, he has bangers for days:

Generosity of Untz. I look forward to seeing the inaugural Bass Festival in 2021 that lifts that name. You’re most welcome, future festie planner. 

The moon is busily waxing! It will be full on Halloween, so strap in for that. The next week is an auspicious time to set goals and intentions for the next moon cycle. 

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Until next time everyone,

be good to yourselves, and to each other.

One Love,


*(Zooty, adj.:  stylish; snappy; flashy)


Dykotomi – Corvid Crunk

Dykotomi – Magpie Mambo (World Premier) 

Chilled Cow – Sleepless Nights Lo Fi Mix

Chilled Cow – Lazy Sunday Lo Fi Mix

Juls – Blessed (feat. Miraa May and Donae’o)

Sasha Marie Radio – Chapter 21 (34:30)

Mindful Vibes Guest Mix (feat. ExemploBeats)

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