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From Bald To Bold with Skincare CEO Kene Onuorah

todayOctober 31, 2023 4

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    From Bald To Bold with Skincare CEO Kene Onuorah #HeliumRadio

What’s Good Revolutionaries?! “So I’m out here and my revolution is to help guys, like you mentioned earlier, embrace their natural evolution, right? Be who you are, and be authentic in doing so, because I believe life is so much easier to live when you’re being authentic and you have a much powerful, much more powerful story when you’re authentic. And that’s been my superpower all my life, my authentic, being authentic.” My guest is Kene Onuorah – founder and CEO of Comme Homme, a health and skincare brand for men and the people who love them as men go on their journey to embracing the power of their baldness. I met Kene at the illustrious Black Venture Summit put on by W.E Build Tulsa and rockstar thought leader and entrepreneur Ashli Simms. Kene journey to baldness was unlike mine, one day I shaved it, got positive affirmations, and kept it moving. For other men, Hair loss can be quite traumatic. There is anxiety, shame, and embarrassment. What do we do? We figure out how to embrace it. Kene discovered that once men embrace it, there are products men need to help them, thus Kene created “Comme Homme” – with the understanding that men need to come home, embrace their baldness. Kene’s podcast – Bald to Bold is an opportunity for men to talk about their journey to embracing boldness/baldness. It is a much-needed conversation! To get his products make sure you go to – Revolutionaries make sure you go support this brother!

The What's your Revolution? Show

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