Gabor Maté on Trauma and Addiction – THE ROOT CAUSE OF ADDICTION

Sober Is Dope!
Sober Is Dope!
Gabor Maté on Trauma and Addiction - THE ROOT CAUSE OF ADDICTION

Gabor Maté Addiction |  Trauma and Addiction – Gabor Mate | THE ROOT CAUSE OF ADDICTION

This is taken from the Q&A part of TJ Dawe’s show – “Medicine”.  LIFE TRANSFORMATION Podcast:  by SOBER IS DOPE PODCAST  LINK:  Video Produced by POP Buchanan For the Recovery Community. #DrGaborMate #GaborMate #Addiction   Cool #MotivationalMusic  Hi Everyone. I am POP Buchanan, the host of the Sober is Dope Podcast. I am excited to share some reflections on my journey and mindset. The Sober is Dope Podcast highlights the transformative qualities of Recovery. I am your host, POP Buchanan. I have been sober for 9 years. Sobriety gave me back my life. I quit cigarettes, negative thinking, improved my spirituality, and reversed pre-diabetes. Sobriety helped me to find true happiness and purpose. I transformed my health, mental health, and mindset. I am now at peace. This Podcast is about healing and redemption. I am fully recovered from the darkness of addiction. I aim to inspire others to find healing and hope through my story. Thanks be to God. Welcome to Sober is Dope!  FREE Transformational Podcast:   Thanks a lot For Checking Out Sober is Dope! Audio Source Below  #Fearless #Motivationalspeech,  copyright free Motivational Speech, Sober motivation speech, Recovery motivation music, fitness motivation music 2020  

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