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Glitches in the Matrix, Podfest 2020 Recap and Musings on the Current Moment (longest title ever, I can haz award?)

todayMarch 13, 2020

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    Glitches in the Matrix, Podfest 2020 Recap and Musings on the Current Moment (longest title ever, I can haz award?) #HeliumRadio

What’s up strong, beautiful people!

The sun continues to rise and set. The moon continues to wax and wane. The sparrows continue to dart upon the wind catching bugs. And the BNP continues to post new eps for you, my beloved listeners.

This solo episode is a series of vignettes that track the current glitches in the reality simulation, and attempt to make some sense of, or at least articulate, where we stand in the collective now.

Come for a recap of my time representing the BNP at Podfest 2020 in Orlando, stay for the admittedly clunky take on Covid-19 and a bonus Herman Melville quote!

I also lay out the latest happenings in the Democratic Primary “race,” (see: coup). We explore the man behind the curtain known as South Carolinian hyper-neoliberal fixture of pharmaceutic plenty, the man whose vaunted quadrennial endorsement dictates the narrative around the Democratic Party, all from his seat in a deep red state best known for its invasive kudzu problem, 14 term Congressman Jim Clyburn.

Finally, I speak from my heart and from my gut about trusting the strength and tenacity in ourselves and in each other, and the importance of enlisting help from the angelic forces all around us. Rethink your personal cosmology around angels. They aren’t necessarily the winged cherubs with the weird cheeks you saw in Art History class. Rather, you could think of them as primordial, foundational, and omnipresent systems of energy committed to a Universe that expands not just outward into the void, but that grows with the fractal complexity of tree roots and ant tunnels, and which organizes itself around Justice, Beauty, Fortitude and Love.

I send my love and fortitude outwards to you, fellow stellar traveler, wherever you may listen across the vast expanse of space and time.

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Until next time, be kind to yourself and to one another. Take deep breaths, channel your inner Wim Hof, and dive cheerfully into the icy black water of uncertainty, knowing that your immune system will thank you for it, and knowing there’s a toasty sauna just across the way, smoky with sage and palo santo ~~~~

One Love,


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