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Hitha Palepu Is A Multi-Hyphenate Making A Name For Herself Through The Power of Her Voice

todayAugust 3, 2023 1

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    Hitha Palepu Is A Multi-Hyphenate Making A Name For Herself Through The Power of Her Voice #HeliumRadio

Hitha Palepu is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, CEO of Roshan Pharmaceuticals, and a lover of all things Mr. T and Taco Bell. From a young age, Hitha’s parents encouraged the belief that she didn’t have to be just any one thing but her dreams would require hard work and diligence no matter what. Today we discuss how she wrote her book, We’re Speaking: The Life Lessons of Kamala Harris, in two months, why she feels like she wouldn’t have been able to complete this work without the love and support of her husband, the clever way we can borrow confidence, and her experiences with the Vice President. You won’t want to miss this laughter-filled South Asian extravaganza of an episode so be sure to tune in!  What we talked about:  

  • Keeping our last names, why being in your 40’s rocks, and how I found Hitha’s book (1:51) 
  • The process of writing Hitha’s book on Kamala Harris (15:52) 
  • Hitha explains what a hype file is, what’s in hers, and how to use them to borrow confidence (21:08) 
  • Do something about it, don’t do it half-assed (26:11)  
  • How the principles instilled in Hitha by her parents have influenced her parenting style (30:40) 
  • Eating no for breakfast and learning how to say it more (34:21) 
  • Waiting for your Doug and why partnering with the right person is so important (39:26) 
  • Hitha shares her experiences with meeting Kamala Harris (46:12) 
  • Hitha’s life-saving luggage advice (50:22) 
  • Hitha and I’s concept meeting for the ultimate South Asian collab (super top secret – do not steal or you’ll be hearing from our Aunties) (51:40)   
  • #5SmartReads (54:28) 
  • The lessons Hitha learned from her first start-up that is helping her now as CEO (55:46)
  • The childhood story that Hitha feels defined her identity as a South Asian (58:49) 
  • Rapid fire questions (1:03:13) 
  • Hitha’s bare bones for happiness  (1:06:44)  

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Tuckered Out with Ami Thakkar

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