HOW To Create Content with Jonathan Young

Quit Your Damn Job
Quit Your Damn Job
HOW To Create Content with Jonathan Young

Sometimes, you wonder how in the world people get deals with brands and become influencers. THIS is one of my favorite stories of stumbling into a passion. How does someone going into Landscape Architecture become and influncer? I had the opportunity to chat with someone with content I LOVE about how he finds inspiration, and how he found something he truly loves. PLUS he gave me a peak into creating content that potential clients AND YOU will love.ย 

Check his stuff out @YoungUtah on Instagram. You can email him

My name is McCall Taylor, I quit my job at a bank to chase my dream of being on the radio. And I have NEVER looked back. The amount of fulfillment I feel EVERY DAY is so unreal. There are so many days we spend wondering if living in misery and anger is the only way to live.. It’s not.

Please tell me what it is YOU want to do, please DO NOT doubt what you are capable of.

Chase your damn dreams.

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