How To Master Relapse and Get Back on The Wagon Today by Sober is Dope

Sober Is Dope!
Sober Is Dope!
How To Master Relapse and Get Back on The Wagon Today by Sober is Dope

Be Prepared for Relapse from addiction. This free mini masterclass can help you or a friend overcome the many pitfalls and dangers of relapse from addiction. This is for both alcoholics and drug users, and anyone that may be dealing with process addictions. My name is POP Buchanan. I am the Founder of Sober is Dope and Sober is Doper. I relapsed up to 4 times before I found lasting sobriety. These are all of my tips and advice on relapsing. Be prepared. Please share and leave comments. Don’t forget to subscribe.   

Transformational Podcast By SOBER IS DOPE World with POP Buchanan  FREE LIFE TRANSFORMATION:  by SOBER IS DOPE PODCAST  LINK: Video Produced by POP Buchanan For the Recovery Community. #soberisdoper #soberisdope #podcast FREE LIFE TRANSFORMATION EBOOK:  by SOBER IS DOPE PODCAST  LINK: 

Hi Everyone. I am POP Buchanan, the host of the Sober is Dope Podcast. I am excited to share some reflections on my journey and mindset. The Sober is Dope Podcast highlights the transformative qualities of Recovery. By the grace of God I have been sober for 8 years. Sobriety gave me back my life. I quit cigarettes, negative thinking, improved my spirituality, and reversed pre-diabetes. Sobriety helped me to find true happiness and purpose. I transformed my health, mental health, and mindset. I am now at peace. This Podcast is about healing and redemption. I am fully recovered from the darkness of addiction. I aim to inspire others to find healing and hope through my story. Thanks be to God. Welcome to Sober is Dope!  FREE E BOOK:   Thanks a lot For Checking Out Sober is Dope! Audio Source Public Domain ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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