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In the battle to fight disinformation in the news Tegna’s Adam Ostrow is on the frontline with Verify.

todayMay 4, 2021

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    In the battle to fight disinformation in the news Tegna’s Adam Ostrow is on the frontline with Verify. #HeliumRadio

No matter where you get your news from in 2021 and there are over 100,000 so-called media outlets from traditional outlets to social media outlets there is one question we all have. Is the information I read daily really true or am I being fed disinformation to manipulate the way I think?

Our guest Adam Ostrow is TEGNA’s Chief Digital Officer and he is on the frontlines of the battle over disinformation. He and his team want to make sure that if you have a question about what you are ready, seeing or hearing in the is the truth or not.

Today, TEGNA debut’s its national VERIFY brand, building on the substantial growth of VERIFY content on TEGNA’s local media properties over the past few years. Originally launched in 2015, VERIFY is dedicated to helping the public distinguishes between true and false information by fact-checking claims through research and credible sources.

In addition to its daily broadcast presence and newly launched website, consumers can now text VERIFY to submit a story they want to be verified. In 2020, traffic to VERIFY content on TEGNA station websites increased more than 400 percent, while VERIFY videos on Snapchat’s Discover platform saw more than 8 million unique visitors, reaching a new, young audience, primarily comprised of adults 18-24.

We want you to gain access to Tegna’s Verify This through the website at

Text line at – 202-410-8808

SnapChat – @Verifythis

Twitter – @Verifythis

Instgram – @Verifythis

Facebook – Verifythis

Tegna TV stations list –

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