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Is the Media Letting us Down by Playing into Trump’s Hands?

todaySeptember 24, 2023

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    Is the Media Letting us Down by Playing into Trump's Hands? #HeliumRadio

Ignoring the mistakes made in 2016, the American media is again approaching the 2024 election as if it’s just another election cycle with the Democratic President facing a Republican challenger.  They take horse race polls, report on the results, act as if these are normal times and continue to give Trump a platform to repeat and spread his lies.  Legitimate journalists are no match for someone who steamrolls them in interviews and only offer up meek resistance using words like “disproven” or “debunked”.  When will someone sit forward when interviewing him and challenge him by calling him a “goddamned liar”, or threatening to stop the interview and toss him from the studio if he continues to show such contempt to their audience by lying? And what do we hope to possibly gain from presidential debates when they are packed with a studio audience full of supporters and no fact checkers willing to call them out on their lies?

Oh, and if you roll your eyes with comparisons between Trump and Hitler, see if today’s discussion and examples doesn’t at least give you pause.

Music by David Horton

Minyard & Minyard do a Podcast

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