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Jaimie Beebe of “Strictly Stalking” on true crime, true movie casting, & true bikinis(?) !!

todayNovember 8, 2023 1

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    Jaimie Beebe of "Strictly Stalking" on true crime, true movie casting, & true bikinis(?) !! #HeliumRadio

True confession: I’m not allowed to look at any woman in a bikini without a signed permission slip. But, at least I can listen to Jaimie’s podcast (“Strictly Stalking”) or audition for a movie where she’s the casting director (provided neither one of us is in a bikini. Fair is fair, you know…). But, as you can tell, she’s a lady who certainly keeps herself busy with many ventures. And it was lots of fun to get to chat with her on these topics. Thanks for coming on the show, Jaimie! Jaimie’s info: Instagram : @feathergirl77 (Note: there’s some bikini modeling here. Have your permission slips ready. Just me? Um, nevermind…) @strictlystalkingpod Jaimie’s faves: The Vanished These are the podcasts sampled on “Sherpa Samples”

  1. The Adam Buxton Show
  2. The Dream
  3. Pretty Lonesome with Madeline Argy
  4. Kill Tony
  5. Business Wars
  6. Something Was Wrong
  7. World of Secrets
  8. Agent of Betrayal-The Double Life of Robert Hanssen
  9. How To Destroy Everything
  10. Heavyweight
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Too Many Podcasts!

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