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John ch 20 Ep:#471 ‘Considering Human Frailty’

todaySeptember 7, 2023 1

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    John ch 20 Ep:#471 'Considering Human Frailty' #HeliumRadio

This episode includes significant details found in John chapter 20 you will not hear in any mainstream Church. These details are yet another one of God’s trademark stamp of validity found throughout His Word. The crowning point of Christianity was Calvary at the cross. Jesus Christ carried out the most selfless act of love and compassion beyond our present comprehension where prophecy became in accordance with the word of GOD, in accordance with reality. There is Nothing More Important than where you go when you die. Only Jesus Christ can save you. John ch 11. Ep#461 Why did Christ bring back Lazarus from the dead? What possibly is more important than where you go when you die? Where did all the water come from for the most recent ice age? These questions answered in detail in this video. The modern church has unwittingly silenced Jesus Christ – the God of Truth. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, has been silenced and persecuted in this modern era of censorship and denial of his Truth. He is the epitome of love and understanding, yet his words have been profaned and redacted by the lead clergy in a subtle-yet-effective fashion. This damning attack on Christ has become known as the great apostasy, where in the name of religious control, Jesus Christ is silenced and persecuted by the people who claim to follow him. This video will explore the depths of Christ’s love, and how it has been willfully oppressed in this modern era of censorship. Join us as we examine the important implications of this great apostasy, as well as the power of Christ’s love that can never truly be silenced. Open the book and let it speak for itself. Join Tammy-Lynn and Michael’s in depth Bible study. We study from the original language manuscripts, translate through the lexicons and out from any English version you prefer. We have discovered the secret code that runs through the original language manuscripts. It is found in the etymology of the key words that forms threads that run through the Bible. These threads form a clear glossary for understanding and interpretation. These threads make up the structural fabric of the key of David itself. GOD WILL BLESS YOU for supporting His word being broadcast through the Companion Chapel. Please donate at Visa MasterCard PayPal American Express Discovery. Please e-transfer to Please send cheques along with prayer requests to #338 Sideroad 28/29 Paisley Ontario Canada N0G 2N0 Amazon MusicApple PodcastsCastboxGoogle PodcastsiHeartRadioOvercastPocket CastsRadioPublicStitcher and Spotify There are 800 million videos on YouTube & 37 million channels. It is nothing short of a miracle that you have found this video. Please help support this channel by going to and donating what you can to help magnify, glorify and broadcast God’s saving Word. Please ‘ Like’ ‘Subscribe’, hit the ‘Noti bell’ & comment below . It’s the least you can do to help glorify, magnify and broadcast God’s saving Word. (It helps with the algorithms) Contact Companion Chapel Worldwide Ministry Today (a registered non-profit ministry) Hundreds of Bible teaching podcasts available, simply google Companion Chapel podcast. Email Today Enquire about your spot in the Companion Chapel Homesteading Community Please help me keep bringing these podcasts to you. Donate whatever you can at (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery, PayPal) Thank and God will bless you. Or E-transfer to Please consider I do this full time for You. Please send Walmart, Rona, Home Depot gift cards to #338 Sideroad 28/29 Paisley Ontario Canada N0G 2N0 — Send in a voice message:

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