KINDNESS and Serving Your People Will Get You Far With Susie from HeyGrillHey

Quit Your Damn Job
Quit Your Damn Job
KINDNESS and Serving Your People Will Get You Far With Susie from HeyGrillHey

What is your why? What are you doing that makes you LIVE for every single day, and WHAT are you doing to discover it? Susie was the FIRST person I was introduced to when I bought my smoker and has changed the cooking game for me FOREVER. I’ve loved reading her content and watching her videos and it’s made me want to be the hero of the backyard. HOW does she build such an awesome relationship with her audience? She listens. She takes what they have to say and learns from it, rather than push it off. She also isn’t afraid to be herself, which is a goal we all need to be developing more. Because she made the decision to be herself, she’s grown her audience to over 84K on Instagram, 56K on YouTube and has created a RELATIONSHIP with her people. Follow her for all the tips on how to make the best damn food you’ve ever had (from personal experience I will vouch for this until the day I die)
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My name is McCall Taylor, I quit my job at a bank to chase my dream of being on the radio. And I have NEVER looked back. The amount of fulfillment I feel EVERY DAY is so unreal. There are so many days we spend wondering if living in misery and anger is the only way to live.. It’s not.

Please tell me what it is YOU want to do, please DO NOT doubt what you are capable of.

Chase your damn dreams.

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