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Lethality vs. Politics w/ Ryan the Combat Medic

todayJuly 16, 2023 1

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    Lethality vs. Politics w/ Ryan the Combat Medic #HeliumRadio

“I didn’t get it at first, and was skeptical definitely. I could have lived without it for sure, but then they tied my hands.”   – Ryan the Medic

Welcome to the BNP and thanks so much for joining. This episode I’m pleased and humbled to feature Ryan the Medic. Ryan served as a combat medic in the Army, and is now an inactive reservist. During his time serving as a medic, Ryan was forced to work 14 hour days (w/ one 30 min break) vaccinating people for Covid, one after another, including fellow soldiers. Many of these individuals did not want to be, or at least would have preferred not to be vaccinated. He talks about the mental and physical strain of discharging such a mission.

We also talk about the recruiting crisis in the Army, and some of the factors that Ryan perceives to be responsible for it, including military leadership being more concerned with politics, political correctness and culture war issues rather than focusing solely on the well being, training and lethality of the troops.

Ryan talks about the history of the Army pulling off some stunning military feats and how the current iteration of its leadership, as well as the greater societal zeitgeist, has seemingly become unmoored from this legacy. And in general we talk about the schism between the people actually serving in the Army vs. the officers and leadership corps that betray their own service people in order to further their careers. We also discuss the importance of closing the gap of understanding and empathy between U.S. civilians and the military personnel.

This is a highly significant conversation, imperative to meeting this current moment we find ourselves in. We are in a battle to preserve what is left of our Republic. If we want to prevail against the shadowy forces arrayed against us, we the U.S. working stiffs must expand our ideological limits and dissolve the boundaries that keep us divided and bickering amongst ourselves. Isms make Schisms.

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