Life with Enneagram 4s + Sleep Tips for Each Type, Jentry Courter, Enneagram 4

April 13, 2023

Enneagram and Marriage
Enneagram and Marriage
Life with Enneagram 4s + Sleep Tips for Each Type, Jentry Courter, Enneagram 4

In this “Life” series, you get to experience sitting with an authentic and real person of each personality type in a very relaxed fashion, too. Join us for a restful and fun chat as we continue to drip out an Enneagram series of chats with each type with some added extras! Today we are interviewing Jentry Courter, Enneagram 4 and ICU Nurse. Jentry curates restful rhythms for not only Fours but brings her caring wisdom to offer sleep tips for individuals of each Enneagram type as well. In this deep dive episode with a little extra fun on the side, you’ll get to truly learn the insides of a Four and all the ways you want and need to grow (and glow!) as a Four as well!

Specifically, you will hear about:

Life as an 4

The Withdrawing Stance

Past Orientation from the Four perspective

When you feel like your Four wants what it doesn’t have (envy)

And all about rhythms of rest also!

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