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Listener Q & A w/ Neighbor Reinaldo + Origins of Breakdancing

todayNovember 22, 2021 4

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    Listener Q & A w/ Neighbor Reinaldo + Origins of Breakdancing #HeliumRadio

What’s up to my ludicrous leptons and grub-knuckled gluons! 

Welcome back to the BNP and thank you for joining! Shout out to my patrons- y’all are the spike protein in my soon-to-be-unveiled omega variant! 

This episode is a solo tapas platter of zany tidbits, audio yum yums, history horchata and turmeric & black pepper seasoned veggies!

I speak with my neighbor Reinaldo about Cuban culture, music, and history, and we touch on some current events. Reinaldo also answers some listener questions.

This episode also features a brief history of breakdancing, because breakdancing is cool af. Finally I do a little ditty about Bunker Buster O-Bomb-a’s unprecedented war on whistleblowers, and we check in to see how imprisoned drone Danial Hale is doing in and what he is having to deal with. Prayers and good wishes to Daniel Hale.

(Can I just say: enough with the Kyle Trial. We should all be screaming about the current ongoing (and suspiciously irregular) trial of serial pedo deputy Ghislaine Maxwell, but instead we’re talking about a neuro-atypical 17 year old taking rifles to protests. fml). 

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be excellent to one another
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John Coltrane – A Love Supreme Part IV (Psalm)
Dr. Cornel West – What It Means To Be Human (Talk)
Dykotomi – Corvid Crunk
Benny Moré – Bonito y Sabroso
Rebel Diaz – Libertad
Polo Montañez – Amanece El Nuevo Año
Origins of Breaking Culture – Breaking the Beat in the Bronx (Video)
James Brown – Get On the Good Foot
Dead Prez – Overstand
Cave Art: Complex Paintings from the Stone Age (Video)
Yaima – Gajumaru
Immortal Technique – Leave the Past Behind
Dead Prez – No Way As The Way
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Firecracker


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