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Making a Positive Statement About “The State of Golf” – Rich Katz / (068)

todayJuly 15, 2019

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    Making a Positive Statement About "The State of Golf" - Rich Katz / (068) #HeliumRadio

Rich Katz discussing “The State of Golf” on The ModGolf Podcast Founder and Principal Rich Katz is our guest on this episode of The ModGolf Podcast, where he shares insights and stories from his nearly 30 years in the golf industry. Rich’s engaging conversation with host Colin Weston started with discussing the history of and covered a wide range of golf innovation topics including:

  • the sustainability of golf participation
  • the positive effects of the $84 billion/year golf industry has on the environment, the enconomy and society
  • growth areas in the game and industry
  • The Tiger Effect, both the positives and downsides on growing the game
  • the effective use of technology for enhancing both on-course and off-course golf experiences
  • the increase in Millennials/women/minorities participation
  • diversity and inclusion initiatives such as the WE ARE GOLF #inviterHER program
  • golf course closers as a good thing for the health and viability of the sport and the business of golf
  • environmental impact / “triple bottom line” sustainability platform – Environmental/Economic/Social
  • latent demand in the sport and how to unlock it

Rich talked about the influence of “Generation G”, referencing the work done by Dr. Alexis Abramson to highlight the charactistics of this North American market segment who is between age 45 and 65.
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Special Guest: Rich Katz – Katz Strategy.

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