Master Your Money Mindset, Learn your “VQ” and finally Get Paid what you are worth!

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Rock Movers
Master Your Money Mindset, Learn your "VQ" and finally Get Paid what you are worth!

Have ever struggled with a deep rooted lack of confidence? Are you in leadership and struggling to fully step into your authority and navigate your responsibilities with confidence?  Are you an emerging leader struggling to break through glass ceilings, get the position or promotion you desire? Do you desire more out of life but feel like you are in a cycle of not feeling  worthy of having what you desire?  Are you longing to manifest abundance but keep hitting a block and don’t know why?  This lack of worth and value is directly impacting your ability to ear and receive money.  This is the VQ Paradigm.     

You see the direct link between a woman’s self worth and money is something that I had noticed over and over again working in the Financial industry for 30+ years.  But once I realized how much this also personally impacted me – I set about to mend, heal and fix this broken link and everything in my life changed (and I’ve never looked back)!  My life has transformed and become so different over the last 15 years since I realized how much my internal value and self worth was being driven and impacted by my money mindset, money beliefs and the relationship I had with money.  IT FEELS INCREDIBLE! What’s even better, I can see that my change is impacting my husband and my children.   

In this FREE MASTERCLASS Video that took place on 3.2.23, I shared three of the steps that have been transformational for me personally – and after watching, if you are ready to learn more and dive deeper into the actual process of how I made the MINDSET shift and the other steps I took to take back my worth and value to be able to finally get paid and receive what I know I am worth, I want to invite you to join me on a 12 week online group coaching journey that begins on March 30th, 2023. It is going to transform women’s lives and bank accounts! If you are watching this video before 3.30.23, I’m only accepting 10 women at this time as I want to keep the group intimate and small so we can have real conversations and real transformations.   After 4.1.23 – please reach out to leanr about the next group or other offerings.

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