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Mowing the Mind in Meditation & Maintaining Mental Moxie w/ Dr. Sylvie Salinger, PhD

todayOctober 18, 2022 1

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    Mowing the Mind in Meditation & Maintaining Mental Moxie w/ Dr. Sylvie Salinger, PhD #HeliumRadio

What’s up to my mellifluous manatees and lenticular lemongrass! Welcome back to the BNP friends and thank you for joining! 

We got a fun one for ya this week folks, a genuine barnstormer. First, we got the zany (extra zany) tidbits. Next, I share a soliloquy about my recent meditations, including some practical techniques for taming runaway thoughts and the madhouse “monkey mind.”

For the 2nd part of the show we dive into some recent Yak Fests w/ the inimitable Dr. Sylvie Salinger. Topics range far and wide and include taking care of our mental health this winter, life after booze, a bizarre nuclear strike “PSA” out of NYC, a couple illuminating clips from RFK Jr., propaganda from a bunk “swine flu” jab from 1976,  plus Dr. Sylvie reveals her Halloween costume this year… which creates a real “kawww-cophany.” For the Outro reading we examine the U.S. Army’s history of covertly using germ warfare against the American people.

Lots to cover & lot’s to think about it this week, so lean back, crack a booch, if you have an infused blunt I recommend taking a couple tokes, and enjoy the pod!

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be thoughtful & fabulous to one another,
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