NBA Midseason Awards, Marvel Trilogies & The “Automated” Life

Q&E Podcast
Q&E Podcast
NBA Midseason Awards, Marvel Trilogies & The "Automated" Life

In this episode of the Q&E Podcast, we react to the NBA All-Star Weekend’s low ratings and discuss if the All-Star Game can be saved. We give out our NBA Midseason Awards and rank the best trilogies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We talk about the topic of stores and restaurants becoming fully-automated and debate if there will be a need for human interaction service in the near future. We also get into NBA Topshot being sued, Russ to the Clippers and explain how the XFL’s innovative rules can be implemented in the NFL along with much more!

Segments: Sports News/Topics, Too Wild Wednesday, Social Media Wants to Know, Entertainment/Current Events, Pass the Aux

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