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Nectar or Poison: Vishuddhi Chakra and the Clarifying Voice

todayJanuary 18, 2022

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    Nectar or Poison: Vishuddhi Chakra and the Clarifying Voice #HeliumRadio

What’s up to my tremulous tree swallows and concordant cassowaries

Welcome back to the BNP and thank you for joining! To my patrons, y’all are the seed syllable in my mantra meditation, thank you for the kundalini bliss tingles!

This week’s episode is an exercise in the yin-yang style weaving of opposites. (This is apropos, as this week’s featured veggie, the Vishuddhi chakra, harmonizes opposite thought patterns via the purifying filter of the throat center.) You already know, we’ve got those absurdist audio morsels you know and love. We’ve got an update on Major Biden, the feistiest and most fun first doggo ever, who kept biting secret service chuds (folks, can we blame him?).

And finally, for our most delicious veggies this week, we continue along the path of chakra  progression, alighting upon our 5th chakra, the sublimating vibrational vortex of Vishuddhi, the Throat Chakra, whose seed syllable is HAM.

Vishuddhi, or throat chakra,  is the purification center of our energy system, a sort of Brita filter for our voice. In Sanskrit, Suddhi means to purify, and Chakra means a wheel or vortex or energy. Vishuddhi chakra is thus a filter for our communications with the world and the cosmos. Thus, it can be a source of divine nectar or a well of poison (you decide by your vibes!). In the Indian mythology, Lord Shiva is said to have drank the poison of a great snake to save the world, which can be seen as a blue tinge in his throat.  

The sage who meditates on Vishuddhi chakra becomes eloquent and wise, enjoys uninterrupted peace of mind, learns about past, present and future, becomes adept at magickal and occult practices, and stays free of diseases and sorrow, so that their words may radiate power and positivity, for the benefit of all beings. 

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Dykotomi – Corvid Crunk
Meditative Mind – Throat Chakra Chants Seed Mantra

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