Nina Burleigh Releases Virus

Arroe Collins: Unplugged & Totally Uncut
Arroe Collins: Unplugged & Totally Uncut
Nina Burleigh Releases Virus

The UPDATED AND REVISED edition of the only close analysis of our pandemic year revealing how the confluence of key government missteps, behind-the-scenes deal brokering, staggering dismissal of decades of scientific progress, conspiracy theories, and further malfeasance were behind hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

“A fast-paced narrative that captures the spirit of our dystopian times.” -Craig Unger, author of American Kompromat

The UPDATED AND REVISED edition of Nina Burleigh’s Virus includes new chapters and information on the Biden administration’s COVID-19 response, the growing anti-vaccination movement, how the myth of “American exceptionalism” led the U.S. to have the greatest number of deaths in the developed world, and how further variants could affect us given the loosening of restrictions. A few months before the virus slammed the world, global public health experts declared the United States the most prepared for a possible pandemic. Instead, we watched as the disease killed half a million Americans. A stunned nation has been too busy grieving and doing damage control to ask why, or to comprehend just how much of the blundering and chaos of the pandemic response was either deliberate or entirely predictable. New York Times bestselling author Nina Burleigh weaves together the key narrative strands to create an uncompromising and highly informed expose about our shared global pandemic experience and what it means for our future.

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